An Enneagram Education Tradition

Kathy and Theodorre began teaching the Enneagram in 1984.

The International Enneagram Association was born in Theodorre and Kathy’s living room in 1994, Since those early days, Kathy, Theodorre and Todd have trained hundreds of people from all walks of life and from all around the world.

Endorsements and Appreciation

“Recovery taught me that I am in my own way. Kathy and Theodorre’s approach to the Enneagram taught me how to get out of my own way.” 
— Joni Sievert, President / Connections Unlimited, Denver, Colorado, U. S. A.

“Kathy and Theodorre’s emphasis on the three centers and original thinking on the underactualized center gave me deeper insights to my own type and path to transformation as well as greater compassion and appreciation of others who share this journey.” 
— Rosanne Bane, President / Imagination Ink, Engaging Your Creative Brain

“As a psychotherapist, I have used many models over  the past 20 years to help people gain insight. The Hurley/Donson approach to the Enneagram continues to do more to effect personal growth than any other system I have encountered.” 
— Carl Willoughby, M. A. / Grand Junction, Colorado

“Kathy and Theodorre’s work connecting types with centers may be the unifying theory for the Enneagram. From this perspective, the types become clearer, understanding and compassion expand, and hope shines through for everyone who knows that finding one’s type is just the beginning.”
 — Wes McIntyre, M. S. W. / Kennewick, Washington, U. S. A.

“I have taken many Enneagram trainings, and Kathy and Theodorre deeply touched my heart. They directed me to a new understanding of what ‘inner work’ means. Their type made it easy for me to open up.”

— Lorna Kurtz / Napa, California, U. S. A.

“Hurley and Donson’s training program was illuminating, informative and entertaining. Theory combined with experiential learning to create a powerful result — an essential step on one’s spiritual path.” 
Karyn Ruth Whitenationally known motivational speaker,  Denver, Colorado